Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much notice should I give for a catering/bakery order?

Bakery - we request 48 hours advance notice, but often are able to accommodate next day orders. Please check with the sales office. Catering [breakfast] - cut off time for next day orders is 2pm. Catering [lunch] - cut off time for next day orders (most items) is 4pm. Have an emergency or need a rush order? Please call the sales office - we love to help.

2. What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 hours notice of a cancellation before the scheduled food delivery/pick up time. In the event of snow or natural disasters, please call the sales office the day prior. Cancellations are honored up until 4pm.

3. Is there a minimum amount of food that I have to order?

All items require a 10 person minimum for delivery. Cafe pick-ups for package luncheons can be arranged for a minimum of 5 people as long as the order is for cold food. Please check with your sales representative for additional minimum purchase requirements outside of the package luncheon options.

4. Can I have my food order delivered? Is there a charge?

Yes, Bittersweet can deliver your catering order. Delivery charges are calculated by zip code of the destination, day of the week and complexity of the order. Our delivery hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday; 8am - 3pm on Saturday.

5. Can Items be individually wrapped for a corporate lunch package?

Menu items are packaged and delivered family style - assorted breakfast, lunch and dessert trays, salad bowls, etc.. We also are able to produce individual bag luncheons for a nominal handling fee.

6. I work with an organization that is having an event. Would you be willing to donate food?

Bittersweet welcomes and has long been a participant in community stewardship. All donation requests must be submitted in writing on company letterhead 30 days before the scheduled event. Requests are reviewed monthly and decisions are based on a first come first served basis. Download Bittersweet's Community Partners Application.

7. How can I set up an account?

Each customer who orders through Bittersweet is given an individual customer file. This helps us to track your orders and build an individual record based on your preferences. A sales rep can assist in setting up an account for you. A valid credit card is required to initiate this process. For corporate accounts wishing to pay by check, please ask your sales rep for our fast and simple credit application.

8. I have a peanut allergy that is mild/moderate/severe. Can Bittersweet accommodate me?

Bittersweet produces food in a small kitchen with an in-house bakery that uses nuts and nut derivatives on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the product that you or your guests consume has not come in contact with nuts or nut derivatives at some point.

9. I need service staff.

Our goal is to provide you with a terrific catered experience - great food, service and value as well as to make entertaining fast, easy and simple. Please note that Bittersweet offers a choice of service levels depending on your budget - from delivery of food and equipment to full service event catering with service staff and custom menu design. Please call the sales office to inquire.

10. I received a Bittersweet gift card. May I use it for a catering order?

Bittersweet gift cards are for use in the restaurant only. A Bittersweet gift certificate issued with an ID number and date on the back may be used for catering.