Jody Manor

Jody has spent over 30 years building Bittersweet into an Old Town institution. Starting as a catering waiter in 1986, he was soon asked to do kitchen prep work for $5 per hour. With a keen eye for innovation and a strong desire for efficiency, he worked to improve the freshness of the product and lower waste and in 1990 purchased the business from the original owners. In 1997 the company expanded with a fresh food bar and outdoor seating. 2007 saw the purchase of an adjacent catering business and building a 5000 sq. ft. production kitchen and catering office. In Summer 2016 our Café is stepping back into its original location (same building just around the corner on N. Alfred Street). Our Catering team will continue to provide the same fantastic food and service. Jody has a knack for spotting talent and has built a team of 40 dedicated professionals and is most proud that many of them have been with the company for over 20 years. Bittersweet fosters a feeling of family amongst our team knowing that a happy staff leads to happy customers.